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Let's ponder – how can agencies be better?

I found an amusing old X/Twitter feed 'I hate my ad agency' that contains common gripes from clients about their agencies. Some are just for fun, but most contain insights that agencies should be aware of and use to improve ourselves.

I've copied most of them below, and moved what I feel are some more important ones to the top. Continues below...

“because they love themselves enough for the both of us."

“because no matter what you do, you just can't win.”

because they are reactive, not proactive."

because they over present things. I get it. Just show it to me."

because they bill their facebook time to my account."

because they find obscure awards/contests to win to puff themselves up."

Because they make the logos too small."

because the invoice doesn't ever match the estimate."

because they're too afraid to tell me how stupid my ideas are."

because they think wearing black makes them more creative."

because they refuse to use my wife's favourite colour in the ad."

because they're making me severely allergic to bullshit."

because they are egotistical, arrogant ex-radio personalities who just have a thick line of bull and are the only game in town."

because I know they have silly nicknames for us."

because they can't ever tell me if it worked."

because they used to get me tickets. What happened to the tickets?"

because they think they're awesome. Ya know what's awesomer? My RFP."

because they hate me."

“because they're just so lazy in the summer.”

because my account executives keep quitting. The good news is I didn't like any of them. Next."

because they won't stop fiddling with their iPhones."

because they smell like money."

because you don’t see minorities working there."

because they try to win the promotions they create."

because they ask question after question after question after question after question after question after question."

because I'm jealous of their good hair and good teeth."

because their pro bono clients get better creative than I do."

because they use words like chattel."

because it's an ad agency."

because they spend more time naming their processes than they spend on my brand."

because my account execs are glorified secretaries."

because they are way less interesting than television would lead you to believe."

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


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