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We wanted to delve into why people love cooking on BBQs. Of course there's the smokey flame grilled flavour, but we suspected there is something more. 

Our research discovered that people love the idea of cooking with real fire. Afterall, this goes back a long way. In fact it turns out that cooking with fire millennia ago may well have been what made us human.

We styled the TVC and supporting social posts to appeal to a new generation of foodie hipsters and BBQ purists.

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We supported this insight and gave even more reason for people to feel good about cooking with fire through our social campaign, which created significantly more interactions on Facebook than previous recipes posts alone. See 4 examples of 30 posts below:

Charmate Earliest use of Fire post.jpg
Charmate Made Us Human post.jpg
Charmate Fire Made Us Brainy post.jpg
Charmate Fire Made Us Walk Upright post.
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